Help children to develop a love of science and learning with your own Junior Einsteins Science Club franchise!

Who We Are

In 2014, the Junior Einsteins Science Club® was created in Dublin by Tracey-Jane Cassidy MA MSc.

Award-winning hands- on STEM for kids ! The business is committed to nurturing and nourishing a love of science and learning in thousands of children of between the ages of four and 12 across the entire country and beyond.

Since its launch less than five years ago, Junior Einsteins team in Ireland have engaged with over 500,000 children through their scientist-designed and developed educational programmes.


What We Do

We provide science after-school clubs, during school clubs, whole-of-school science shows, summer, Halloween and Easter science camps and science birthday parties, along with science corporate and family events and festivals.

Through our bespoke science-based programmes, we develop children’s personal confidence and self-esteem. We promote creative thinking, teamwork, imagination and problem-solving abilities. We teach participants “how to think…. not what to think”, which prepares students for the unpredictability of the future challenges they will face in our constantly changing world.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

  • The business can be run as a home-based mobile franchise.
  • Recurring revenue generated.
  • Simple business model.
  • Full annual calendar of events.
  • Many income streams.
  • No permanent physical event space needed.
  • Easy to maintain existing customers and to grow new ones.
  • Schedule of activities follow the school calendar.
  • No ongoing rent or rates to pay.
  • Significantly high turnover potential.
  • Comprehensive training provided.
  • Recession-proof business model.

The Franchise Pack

All Junior Einsteins Science Club franchisees will receive:

  • Initial equipment required to run a maximum of 15 after school clubs and 33 parties, shows and events per week to the value of €15,000.
  • Comprehensive training in all aspects of your franchise business over two full weeks.
  • Access to the bespoke online training and support and payment system developed inhouse exclusively for the Junior Einsteins Science Club® network of franchisees.
  • Permission to trade under the Junior Einsteins Science Club® trademark.
  • A copy of the comprehensive operations manual providing detailed step by step guidance and instruction on how to correctly run your Junior Einsteins Science Club® franchise business.
  • A programme of continuous ongoing support and guidance delivered through remote, online and face to face meetings across a number of areas including marketing, sales, research development, business management, themed experiments. business systems and child protection.


What support will you receive as a franchisee?

Training: Our initial training is so comprehensive that we don’t grant franchises until our “franchisees in training” have convinced us of their ability to successfully replicate the business model to the standards that we expect. Beyond the initial training, we conduct programmes of ongoing training as we continue to develop the business model, new science experiments, activities and programmes.

Operations: A comprehensive operations manual will be provided on loan to all successful franchisee candidates for the duration of the franchise agreement, detailing step by step guidance and instruction on how to correctly run and manage your JESC franchise in accordance with our proven business model.

Marketing: Along with benefiting from the advantages of a strong, internationally recognised and trusted brand, you will be provided with password protected access to our cutting-edge website and bespoke franchise drive to enable you to download, edit and customise a wide range of sales and marketing materials to assist you take sole responsibility for the promotion and success of your business locally. In addition, we provide the supports necessary to drive strong social media marketing campaigns across such platforms as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and others.

Administration: Understanding the importance of strong business administration and management, Junior Einsteins Science Club® have invested heavily in the development of integrated business management systems that drive the administrative side of the business model.

Research and Development: As programme developers, Junior Einsteins Science Club® are committed to developing additional themed science experiments over time, when required in order to broaden the appeal of the Junior Einsteins Science Club® to its existing and new customer base.

Our Franchisees

Our most successful franchisees have a passion for working with children and a desire to make a difference in their community. You don’t need to have a background in science, although this has advantages but rather a big personality and strong sales and marketing ability with the drive to develop the business.

Junior Einsteins Science Club® franchises are generally granted to carefully selected, highly trained, passionate owner operators, who willingly run their franchise business in strict adherence to the systems, policies and procedures as set out in the Junior Einsteins Science Club® operations manual.



Junior Einsteins HQ are pleased to announce the launch of Junior Einsteins Science Club County Louth. Owner Operator Maureen Hoey is the franchisee and the driving force bringing WOW factor Science experiments to the children of Co Louth.

Message from Maureen; “I’m very excited to join the Junior Einsteins team. Before I became a franchisee I was aware of the super events offered by Junior Einsteins, however they weren’t available in Louth which was disappointing as I felt this was something new and different, I felt my children would love the content of the clubs & events.

When  I heard there were franchise opportunities available, I jumped at the chance, I’m now delighted to be bringing this service to the Louth area, it’s a fantastic way for children to learn about the world around them through STEAM subjects in a fun & exciting environment.

There are so many topics to cover & it’s so interesting both for adults & children alike, the shows & classes are very hands on, the children do the experiments themselves in a safe supervised environment, whilst questioning & learning why things work as they do. The children work as individuals as well as in groups which is also brilliant for their social skills & to top it all off it’s great fun.

Since launching in November 2019 we have been overwhelmed with the response & the number of inquiries, it’s been amazing. We’ve had a phenomenal uptake on after school clubs, parties & school shows, we want to continue to deliver first class STEAM clubs, parties & events all over Louth.

We are really enjoying the new venture, we’ve had wonderful support from Tracey & the Junior Einsteins team in Dublin. The work is very rewarding & there’s something new every day.  I am so happy to bring these brilliant services to the parents, children, schools & businesses of county Louth & look forward to meeting you all along the way.” – Maureen Hoey , Owner Operator Co Louth Franchise, Ireland


Claire Brett has been working with us in Dublin as a science instructor of Junior Einsteins Science Club Ltd. in Dublin and has been inspired to bring STEM to the children of Kildare through this business opportunity.

Message from Claire ; I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and experience as a manager in the health industry. I have broad ranging interests. I was drawn to becoming a Science Instructor with Junior Einsteins Science Club as I wholeheartedly support the company’s aims. Junior Einsteins Science Club offers children an intuitive understanding of scientific concepts in a manner which is most natural to them, i.e through fun!. I chose to become the Junior Einsteins Franchisee for Co. Kildare, because of the robust systems the company employ in all aspects of business operation. I intend to deliver the highest standard of science education experiences to the children. These children will become the ‘Junior Einsteins’ of Kildare. Who knows what spark of interest will be ignited in these young people who will become the scientists of the future. Claire Brett , Owner Operator, Co. Kildare Franchise, Ireland


Junior Einsteins Science Club Ltd. welcomes our new Meath franchisee James Murtagh! James has been working with us in Dublin as Senior Activity Coordinator of Junior Einsteins Science Club Ltd. and has seen how rewarding the franchise opportunity can be.

Message from James; “Having worked in the United Arab Emirates as a Mathematics & Science teacher, I quickly realised that there were amazing opportunities within STEM education in Ireland. I returned to Ireland & joined the Junior Einsteins Science Club team at its headquarters, working as a Senior Activity Coordinator.

Since then, I have experienced the impact that our work has had & continues to have on so many of our “Junior Einsteins” here in Ireland. That initial spark of interest in science in the classroom among our future engineers and scientists is amazing & truly rewarding as an educator! Whenever there’s an opportunity or challenge coming our way we can adjust and jump right in! As Einstein himself said, “The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

I am delighted & proud to be bringing hands on STEM to the “Junior Einsteins” of County Meath & look forward to meeting you all along the way” James Murtagh, March 2020

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Claire Brett Junior Einsteins Science Club franchisee Kildare, IrelandJames Murtagh , Junior Einsteins Science club Meath franchisee, Ireland

Prospective franchisees should be:

  • Ambitious.
  • Hard working.
  • A science-lover.
  • Disciplined.
  • Fun.
  • Independent.
  • Personable.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Collaborative.