kids having fun in After School Science Clubs & Saturday Science Clubs

After school Science Clubs & Saturday Science clubs 


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For Children 6-12 years

We set up an after-school science club at your child’s primary school and send our own science instructor weekly. We also have Saturday Science Clubs running in your community.

Our Junior Einsteins After School Science Club & Saturday Science Clubs sessions include ; 

Bug Hunts, Rocket Races, Fossil making, Forensic Science , Quantum Physics, Anatomy, Illusions, Engineering, Marine Biology, Geology, Chemistry Chaos, DNA  and  more…  !
 Our Science after-school clubs & Saturday Science Clubs are very hands-on and children get to make and take home something most days including their own SLIME, FOSSILS, MODEL GLIDERS, RAINBOW GLASSES and MORE! 
Children wear Lab coats and goggles in our after school activities and classes. So much fun STEM for Kids

Our inclusive, hands-on approach is unique.  We are not a science class, the children make and do their own messy hands-on STEM experiments, using real scientific equipment including  Van Der Graff Generators & plasma balls ( Did we mention Nerf guns! ?) Join us for STEM for kids 

Our Science after-school club for Kids Locations:

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Science after-school club for Kids Dublin 

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Science after-school club fo Kids Westmeath 

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Science after-school club for Kids Kilkenny

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Science after-school club for Kids Peterborough Ontario

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After School Science Clubs & Saturday Clubs

After School Science Clubs & Saturday Clubs

Best Kids Science events for children. Science Birthday Parties ,  Science Camps for children. Science experiments for kids. STEM for kids  Junior Einsteins science club after-school clubs. 

We are proud of our Award-winning hands- on STEM for kids ! Everything we do here at Junior Einsteins Science Club® is because we are passionate about bringing STEM to young children in a fun filled high energy way.  Our events are very child-centric and all of our children are our ‘Junior Einsteins’ ! We nurture children’s natural curiosity & creativity. We inspire our ‘Junior Einsteins’ to use their imaginations, make a mess, explore and discover. We do this through fantastic interactive experiments from slime making children learn about long chain polymerisation and Non-Newtonian fluids. A Barbie Doll gets a hair raising experience on a Van Der Graaf generator while children learn about voltage and current. Lighting a light sabre with a plasma ball we learn how electricity flows! We inspire our ‘Junior Einsteins to explore a broad range of STEM subjects learning by doing; Fossil making, Forensics, Arctic Animal Adaptations, Classification of Life, Rocket Races, Bug Hunts, Illusions and how cartoons are made, Geology and Volcanoes, Bernoulli’s effect and how planes fly, marine biology, quantum physics using Nerf guns. Microbiology, Chemistry ;  PH Purple Power & Exothermic reactions making elephant’s toothpaste, Magnets, Light, Anatomy ,Engineering , covering STEM & STEAM areas. Learning through tons of fun!

We teach children ‘How to Think, not What to think ‘ , best preparing them for our ever changing world. We hope our ‘Junior Einsteins’ will build their love of Science in Primary / Elementary School and choose science as a subject in secondary/high school and on to third level. We need more scientists !

We do this through Science Parties, Science Camps at Easter, Hallowe’en , Mid-Term & Summer, after-school science clubs, Saturday Science Clubs, School Science Shows and STEM Workshops. Science Corporate Events, Science Family Events & Festivals.

After School Science Clubs & Saturday Science Clubs
After School Science Clubs & Saturday Science Clubs


Prices for our After School Science Clubs & Saturday Science Clubs are decided by your local Junior Einsteins owner operator. 

Science Club is run one per week for one hour after school hours.

Early booking is recommended as we are a very popular after-school club

Here at Junior Einsteins we teach children ‘how to think not what to think’. Our prices reflect the overall experience the child has throughout the term. Our science instructors are all trained , Garda /police vetted and insured and every science club session risk assessed. We will bring in fantastic Van Der Graaf generators and other pieces of fun, but expensive kit

We do not try to break down science experiences into price per child per hour. Inspiration can be priceless to us if a child discovers a passion for science and learning or chooses to study science at secondary and third level.

Nourish wonderment, curiosity and imagination EXAMPLE : A 12 week term is approx. €150, and an 8 week term approx. €100 per child per term booked and paid for through our online booking system at the beginning of the term.

Our After School Science Clubs & Saturday Science Clubs can run for up to one year in a school without repeating a single topic!


In your school ( classroom, library or gym)


After school for one hour. We can also run two sessions back to back, the first for the juniors, the second for the seniors.


We take children from 6 years old to 12 years old.
We need a min of 10 children. The max is 20

We can also visit 4 & 5 year olds at your creche or montessori

What to bring:

Nothing ! We provide absolutely everything you need  for your After School Science Clubs & Saturday Science Clubs:)

We set your school / venue up on our easy to use online booking system and parents book and make payment online.

After School Science Clubs & Saturday Science Clubs
My four year old was glued to the video the whole time. He loved the child friendly experiments and watched in amazement as they were explained to him. Not just for kids as myself & my partner joined in and learned so much about electricity! Samantha Hughes, Laois
Samantha Hughes, Laois
Tommy really loved this today. It’s been quite hard to keep him motivated so this was a welcome break for me!! Thanks very much. Brid Carroll
Brid Carroll
This was a Brilliant Session, Oisín my 7 year old loved it and he learned a lot. The teacher was great and patient and kept the session going at just the right pace. It was Brilliant. Nathaniel Doyle
Nathaniel Doyle
It was really good and the teacher was fabulous at explaining and keeping it interesting.  It worked really well. Really good  !!!!- Roseleen McQuillan
Roseleen McQuillan
“A really fantastic video learning session with Junior Einstein this morning for my 9 year old!! Thank you so much Tracey Jane and the team! Not only a brilliant way to learn about science in a fun and exciting way – but also a fabulous way to keep our kids in touch with others in a safe and socially distant way in these current times” Tanya, County Dublin
Tanya, Dublin
The interactive video was great today and lovely little addition to our home schooling, we could hear it very well and kids found it very relaxing and loved it, great idea and so much appreciated
Charlie & Ellen aged 9 and 7
Charlie & Ellen aged 9 and 7
Thank you. The Boys loved it Really Informative and fun x – Tara, Kildare 
Tara, Kildare
Found today’s Online forensics session brilliant. The scientist was really engaging, accessible and made it very interactive for the kids. I intended taking a break while they were watching, but I enjoyed it too much so kept watching too!! Claire , Dublin
Claire, Dublin
My Boys really enjoyed the science session on Monday morning. Totally engaged in the lesson though and really enjoyed it. It was very easy to use and log on. We will certainly be booking in another session very soon. Thank you  & Well done, from the O Connells
The O Connell Family
Today’s session on Eggsperiments was really good  and very informative. Ella really enjoyed it Thanks –Aisling Carberry 
Aisling Carberry
Junior Einstein’s interactive science classes have been fantastic & my 10 year son has loved them.  In particular the ‘Forensic Crime Scene’ but really there’s something for everyone.  Well done!- Sinead Cronin
Sinead Cronin