Toronto Durham Region and Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Junior Einsteins Science Club® Toronto Durham Region and Peterborough, Ontario, Canada bringing award-winning Hands-on STEM events to children

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    Toronto Durham Region, and Peterborough, Ontario Canada

    Toronto Durham Region, Peterborough and Ontario

    Launching STEM Events for kids in July 2024 !

    Congratulations to Laura Duffy on becoming the first Canadian franchisee of Junior Einsteins Science Club® and expanding the STEM Education brand into Toronto, Durham Region, and Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Junior Einsteins Science Club® Ontario, Canada

    With her academic achievements at Trent University;  a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours, and Bachelor of Arts Honours degree, coupled with her experience at SABIS International School Ruwais as a teacher and Academic Quality Controller, Laura Duffy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role as a franchise owner. Her commitment to education and her entrepreneurial spirit make her an ideal candidate to lead Junior Einsteins Science Club® STEM Educational events in Canada.

    We are  sure her dedication and passion will contribute greatly to the success and growth of the Junior Einsteins Science Club® franchise in Canada. Wishing Laura Duffy all the best in her new venture!

    Junior Einsteins Science Club® Canada

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    High Energy STEM Events

    We are proud of our Award-winning hands- on STEM for kids ! Everything we do here at Junior Einsteins Science Club® is because we are passionate about bringing STEM to young children in a fun filled high energy way.  Our events are very child-centric and all of our children are our ‘Junior Einsteins’ ! We nurture children’s natural curiosity & creativity. We inspire our ‘Junior Einsteins’ to use their imaginations, make a mess, explore and discover. We do this through fantastic interactive experiments from slime making children learn about long chain polymerisation and Non-Newtonian fluids. A Barbie Doll gets a hair raising experience on a Van Der Graaf generator while children learn about voltage and current. Lighting a light sabre with a plasma ball we learn how electricity flows! We inspire our ‘Junior Einsteins to explore a broad range of STEM subjects learning by doing; Fossil making, Forensics, Arctic Animal Adaptations, Classification of Life, Rocket Races, Bug Hunts, Illusions and how cartoons are made, Geology and Volcanoes, Bernoulli’s effect and how planes fly, marine biology, quantum physics using Nerf guns. Microbiology, Chemistry ;  PH Purple Power & Exothermic reactions making elephant’s toothpaste, Magnets, Light, Anatomy ,Engineering , covering STEM & STEAM areas. Learning through tons of fun!

    We teach children ‘How to Think, not What to think ‘ , best preparing them for our ever changing world. We hope our ‘Junior Einsteins’ will build their love of Science in Primary / Elementary School and choose science as a subject in secondary/high school and on to third level. We need more scientists !

    We do this through Science Parties, Science Camps at Easter, Hallowe’en , Mid-Term & Summer, after-school science clubs, Saturday Science Clubs, School Science Shows and STEM Workshops. Science Corporate Events, Science Family Events & Festivals.

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