Our Summer Camp Locations 2024 !

☀️🔬 Junior Einsteins Science Club Offers Exciting Science Summer Camps Across 🇮🇪Ireland, the 🇬🇧UK, and 🇨🇦Ontario, Canada in 2024 ⭐ Our Summer Camp Locations 2024 !


Junior Einsteins Science Club is thrilled to announce its lineup of engaging and educational summer camp programs for children in 2024. With summer camps  Ireland, the UK, and Ontario, Canada, these week-long camps provide our “Junior Einsteins” aged 6-12 the opportunity to explore a wide range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects through fun, exciting, hands-on experiments and activities. 🌟

Science summer camps for kids in 🇮🇪 Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Westmeath, Wicklow, Carlow and Kilkenny in Ireland, as well as 🇬🇧 North West London, Birmingham, in the UK, and 🇨🇦  Toronto Durham Region and Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 




Each camp is designed to nurture children’s natural curiosity and creativity, inspiring them to use their imaginations, make discoveries, and develop a lifelong love of science.Campers will delve into fascinating topics such as fossil making, forensics, arctic animal adaptations, classification of life, rocket races, bug hunts, geology and volcanoes, marine biology, quantum physics, microbiology, chemistry, and much more. Through interactive experiments, they’ll learn about concepts like long chain polymerization, non-Newtonian fluids, voltage, current, and the science behind everyday phenomena.


🚀 Junior Einsteins Science Club also offers a variety of one-day mini-camps during weekends, school breaks, including February half-term, Easter, May half-term, Halloween, and Christmas. These specialised camps cover a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) themes, such as “Junior Explorers,” “Junior Astronauts,” “Junior Engineers,” “Junior Medics,” “Junior Chemists,” and “Junior Physicists”.Regardless of the camp, the focus remains on making learning fun and engaging.


🔬Our ‘Junior Einsteins’ wear lab coats and goggles, get to make a mess, and explore the world around them through exciting experiments and activities. The goal is to inspire children to think critically, problem-solve, and develop a deep appreciation for science, preparing them for the ever-changing world of the future.To secure a spot at one of the Junior Einsteins Science Club summer camps, parents are encouraged to book online through our website. With limited spaces available in our summer camps for kids, early registration is recommended to ensure a spot for your “Junior Einstein” this summer.

🌍 Locations

  • Ireland:🇮🇪
    • Dublin
    • Meath
    • Kildare
    • Westmeath
    • Wicklow
    • Carlow
    • Kilkenny
  • UK:🇬🇧
    • North West London
    • Birmingham
  • Canada:🇨🇦
    • Toronto Durham Region and Peterborough, Ontario
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Our Science Summer Camp for Kids Locations:

Science Summer Camps for Kids Ireland

Science Summer Camp for Kids Dublin 

Science Summer Camps for Kids Meath

Science Summer Camps fo Kids Westmeath 

Science Summer Camps for Kids Kildare 

Science Summer Camps for Kids Wicklow  

Science Summer Camps for Kids Carlow

Science Summer Camps for Kids Kilkenny

Science Summer Camps for Kids UK

Science Summer Camps for Kids Birmingham 

Science Summer Camps for Kids North West London 

Science Summer Camps for Kids Ontario Canada

Science Summer Camps for Kids Peterborough Ontario

Science Summer Camps for Kids Durham Ontario