Junior Einsteins Science Club will be holding Online Winter STEM online sessions

We are also planning in-person Winter STEM activities when lockdown restrictions allow ( very restricted numbers and safety protocols in place)

Blubber Gloves ; Arctic Animal Adaptions. How do Polar Bears stay warm and why such big paws? ‘Junior Einsteins’ create an icy cold experiment to learn how blubber protects animals in cold climates. We also learn the importance and beauty of these spectacular environments.

Christmas Crystals ; Our ‘Junior Einsteins ‘  learn all about how crystals are formed and how scientists use them. We can show you our super christmas crystal structure and tell you how to recreate these at home. 

For information about our online sessions and what is happening in your territory please contact the relevant provider below ;

LOUTH;Owner Operator of Junior Einsteins County Louth ; Maureen Hoey

Phone; 0874288278
KILDARE: Owner Operator of Junior Einsteins Kildare ; Claire Brett
Email;  kildarejunioreinsteins@gmail.com
Phone; 087 374 9017
MEATH & WESTMEATH : Owner Operator of Junior Einsteins Meath  & Westmeath  ; James Murtagh
Email Meath ;  junioreinsteinsmeath@gmail.com     E-mail Westmeath ; junioreinsteinswestmeath@gmail.com
Phone; 085 7555635
DUBLIN  & rest of Ireland ; welcome@junioreinsteinsscienceclub.com 
franchise opportunities available