What was it like to pitch to Richard Branson?


In the world of entrepreneurship, there are few opportunities as thrilling and challenging as presenting your business idea to a renowned business magnate like Richard Branson. Today, we dive into the fascinating story of Tracey Jane Cassidy, the founder of Junior Einsteins Science Club, as she embarked on a remarkable journey that led her to pitch her business to Richard Branson and eventually win the prestigious Voom International Business Award. Let’s explore the rollercoaster ride of determination, innovation, and triumph. So, What was it like to pitch to Richard Branson?

  1. Inception of Junior Einsteins Science Club:

Tracey Jane Cassidy, a passionate advocate for inspiring young minds through science, established the Junior Einsteins Science Club with the aim of making science education engaging and accessible to children. The club’s hands-on experiments, interactive workshops, and exciting demonstrations soon gained popularity, captivating the imaginations of countless young enthusiasts.

  1. Discovering the Voom International Business Award:

The Voom International Business Award, hosted by Virgin Media Business and spearheaded by the iconic Richard Branson, emerged as a game-changing platform for entrepreneurs seeking recognition, funding, and expert guidance. Tracey, recognizing the incredible opportunity the competition offered, resolved to take her business to new heights by participating in Voom 2018.

  1. Preparing for the Pitch:

To secure a spot in the competition, Tracey meticulously prepared her business pitch, emphasising the unique value proposition of Junior Einsteins Science Club. She honed her storytelling skills, refined her business model, and highlighted the positive impact her venture had on children’s education. With her passion and dedication fueling her efforts, Tracey fine-tuned every aspect of her presentation to captivate the judges and Richard Branson himself.

  1. The Pitch to Richard Branson:

As the day arrived, Tracey found herself standing in front of a distinguished panel of judges, including the iconic entrepreneur Richard Branson. Nerves mingled with excitement as she delivered a compelling pitch, showcasing the club’s accomplishments, future plans, and the passion that drove her to establish Junior Einsteins Science Club. The judges also included co-founder of Innocent drinks, Richard Reed; serial entrepreneur and TV presenter Sophie Morgan; founder and CEO of Tropic Skincare, Susie Ma; and Virgin Media Business managing director Peter Kelly

  1. The Moment of Triumph:

After an arduous wait, the moment of truth arrived. Tracey Jane Cassidy’s vision, dedication, and innovation resonated with Richard Branson and the judging panel. Her pitch successfully convinced them that Junior Einsteins Science Club deserved the top spot in the Voom International Business Award. The announcement of her victory sparked jubilation and celebration, marking a monumental milestone in the business journey.

  1. Post-Award Success:

With the prestigious Voom International Business Award under her belt, Tracey and the Junior Einsteins Science Club gained widespread recognition. What was it like to pitch to Richard Branson; Media attention, investor interest, and a surge in enrollment followed, fueling the club’s growth and expanding its reach to even more eager young minds through the franchise model internationally.

  1. Impact and the Future:

Winning the Voom International Business Award not only bolstered the success of Junior Einsteins Science Club but also amplified its impact on education. Tracey Jane Cassidy‘s relentless pursuit of engaging and inspiring children through science received a powerful endorsement from Richard Branson, catapulting the club’s growth and influence.