Hello, Everyone! I’m Dr Sian Proctor, analog astronaut! I am a trained geoscientist and science communicator with a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. You may know me as co-host of Science Channel’s Strange Evidence or from PBS’ Stephen Hawking’s GENIUS. Through my passion for space STEAM, I have become recognized as a genuine science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) communications expert. My secret is a love of science…and good food!
Recently, I made the UAE Mars Shot Top-15 finalists with my dream of reducing food waste and ending world hunger. To realize my dream, I work towards reducing food waste and ending world hunger through my love of space and food. I have a cookbook for today’s next generation of space explorers, Meals for Mars.
From space to the Antarctic to television and live-streaming, I have become one of the top female African American modern-day explorers–inspiring the next generation to explore our earth and beyond. It is my experience that exploration is a personal journey and that we should all strive to become life-long learners. To support this I’ve started the Space2Inspire movement and my SpaceSnacks interview series. With science, food, and global well-being in mind, I create science-based open education resources and art, and give presentations about food and space to students and people around the world. My motto is “2Inspire” and I hope you will help my studio and mission thrive!
Join me on my journey as one of the most famous analog astronauts in the solar system–the “Iron Chef of Mars”–and let’s explore the most interesting aspects of the world and space together!Thank you Dr Sian Proctor, Space X Astronaut , poet & artist for this inspirational message to all of our ‘Junior Einsteins’ ! All of our science club kids are so excited to have this very special message of encouragement. Thank you !

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