Monthly Subscription to Junior Einsteins Online Science Club 14 On-Demand Webinars in November / December   2020 €35 Per Family 

Online Webinar science club sessions from our amazing scientists are fun, lighthearted, entertaining & educational.

This is a monthly subscription for 14 sessions in the month of November &/ December  that you can watch on-demand whenever suits your family.

Book here and we will  send you a link

No need to download anything!

You do not need anything to join these sessions ! Just watch, enjoy & learn ! ( we don’t want to be sending you out to the shops for bits & pieces at this challenging time!) 

Please note that this session is not LIVE so you will not be able to ask questions. This is because we moved over to doing Webinars instead of Zoom calls as there was a bit too much background noise and ‘messing’ from some of our beloved, but excitable ‘Junior Einsteins’ !  Also there have been worldwide problems with serious “Zoom-bombing”, a new kind of attack in which bad actors enter video meetings and shout slurs and threats in an attempt to disrupt them. We have thankfully not experienced this but wanted to be extra cautious while working with children. It has worked well to give a much improved experience with less interruptions.

ONLINE Science Club Sessions for school children ( 4-12 years) all over the WORLD ! Fun Educational, entertaining & lighthearted.