What a super week we are having. This is our favourite time of the year here at Junior Einsteins Science Club. Science Week Ireland ! The best week of the year for us a STEM educators. We call it science month as we are so busy bringing school science shows and STEM workshops to children all across the country that it takes a month to reach the 100s of primary school children.

Fun hands-on interactive science experiments for kids is what we do. Kids activities that include slime making children learn about long chain polymerisation and Non-Newtonian fluids. A Barbie Doll gets a hair raising experience on a Van Der Graaf generator while children learn about voltage and current. Lighting a light sabre with a plasma ball we learn how electricity flows! We inspire our ‘Junior Einsteins to explore a broad range of STEM subjects learning by doing; Fossil making, Forensics, Arctic Animal Adaptations, Classification of Life, Rocket Races, Bug Hunts, Illusions and how cartoons are made, Geology and Volcanoes, Bernoulli’s effect and how planes fly, marine biology, quantum physics using Nerf guns. Microbiology, Chemistry ;  PH Purple Power & Exothermic reactions making elephant’s toothpaste, Magnets, Light, Anatomy ,Engineering , covering STEM & STEAM areas. Learning through tons of fun!

We love to teach children ‘How to Think, not What to think ‘ , best preparing them for our ever changing world. We hope our ‘Junior Einsteins’ will build their love of Science in Primary School and choose science as a subject in senior school and on to third level. We need more scientists !

We do this through Science Parties, Science Camps at Easter, Hallowe’en , Mid-Term & Summer, after-school science clubs, Saturday Science Clubs, School Science Shows and STEM Workshops. Science Corporate Events, Science Family Events & Festivals.

So many amazing groups are coming together this week in Ireland. Special thanks to Science Foundation Ireland and Science Week Ireland

We are lucky to have the best job in the world working with children in science education

Wishing all of our Junior Einsteins a super science week!