Halloween camps Meath Westmeath Spooky science

Halloween camps Meath Westmeath Spooky science

Disgusting spooky science ! Vampire blood, witches snot,Swamp Creature Slime, freaky fossils, Forensic Crime Scene, squelchy glowing eyeballs, Forensic Crime Scene, Frankenstein Barbie, Alien flying saucers, flying ghosts and take home gross slime monsters !

Hallowe’en Spooky Science Camps

One day camps for Children 6-12 years

Vampire blood ; watch the oozing foaming bubbling vampire blood boil!

witches snot , See the disgusting green slimy witches snot and touch it if you dare !

Swamp creature slime ; The creature from the deep swamp has been captured and we have found his slime !

squelchy glowing eyeballs; Make your own glowing eyeballs to take home and scare the family

Frankenstein Barbie – Barbie gets a fright and has a hair raising experience. She turns into a ‘pretty’ gross Frankenstein’s monster

Flying ghosts; Crazy Flying ghosts will go through you like smoke

Take home your own gross pet slime monsters

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