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Science Parties - Meath

Science Parties – Meath

Science Parties – Meath


Best Kids Party Meath Science Birthday Party for children. Science experiments for kids. STEM events. Junior Einsteins science club party Science Parties – Meath


We bring our amazing science experiments to your party. Children wear lab coats and goggles and get to make and take home their own slime !


Our parties are very hands-on and children get to make and take home their own slime! They wear Lab coats and goggles !

  • We bring our AMAZING science experiments to your child’s party. Explosions & Potions.  Children are enthralled by Punching Slime & Stretchy disgusting slime making, Give Barbie a hair raising experience on a Van Der Graff generator Lighting lightsabres with a plasma ball! Hand-Boilers, bubbling, foaming Elephant Toothpaste reaction. Shoot giants smoke rings at each other with fabulous giant Smoke Cannons.To top off the fun, our famous mentos and Coke Geysers shooting 20 feet in the air! We clean up any mess and leave your home or venue as we found it!Hassle free booking. Our science instructors are looking forward to making your ‘Junior Einstein’s ‘ Day the best birthday party ever!
  • Science Birthday Parties for children

  • How much Space do you need to hold a Junior Einsteins Science Club Party?
  • We aim to be low maintenance (as we are a science party designed by Mums !) We regularly provide our parties in private homes. We only need a kitchen/dining table with enough room in front of it for children to sit on the floor. Access to an outdoor space is a bonus for our Coke and mentos geyser experiment finale. Many families prefer to hire a parish hall, community centre or function room fo your Birthday party. The choice is yours. We will bring the science fun to you !
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