A Franchise Case Study ; James Murtagh owner of four Junior Einsteins Franchise Territories


A Franchise Case Study ;

Background James Murtagh; 

I am a BBS Equine Studies, Maynooth University Graduate. My career began in the veterinary & equine industry as a Groom & Training Yard Manager for four years alongside my studies. Upon graduating, I moved to Abu Dhabi, working as a STEM Teacher & Primary Science HOD. I then began my role as a Sabis Schools International Program Coordinator for Ashwicke Hall in Bath, UK. I moved back to Ireland & worked as an Activity Coordinator at Junior Einsteins Science Club HQ in Dublin. I am now a Franchisee of Junior Einsteins Science Club in North & South Dublin, County Meath & County Westmeath.

Timeline of taking on Meath to  South Dublin and some reasons for expansion  ;

March 2020: First franchise of County Meath

August 2020: Second franchise of County Westmeath

February 2022: Third Franchise of North & West Dublin

August 2022: Fourth Franchise of South Dublin

For me, the high demand for Junior Einsteins Science Club’s services translated into a low risk & future proof investment. Having made my return on my initial investment within three to four months, I began planning to expand into new territories to offer the services to as many children as possible. The business has a year round cash flow from its large number of revenue streams. This has afforded me with the opportunity to reinvest & expand the business at a steady & sustainable pace.


Recruitment & training of staff can be a challenge when starting out. It can be a time consuming process initially. My teams come from a diverse range of backgrounds within STEM & education. You can not approach recruitment in this business as a “one size fits all” strategy due to the diverse range of services that we offer throughout the year. Recruitment & training is hands-on and requires a worthwhile investment of time & energy at the early stages.

Attracting new customers early on can be challenging without employing the right strategy. Create a strategy and be consistent. Once you implement the best strategies, it will help to accelerate the momentum of marketing efforts & prove valuable in attracting & retaining new customers.


The Junior Einsteins Training Academy online has helped tremendously with recruitment & training of staff. It provides an extensive yet clear structure of the recruitment processes to successfully source, recruit & train staff. It is easily accessible & user friendly for franchisees.

Franchisees are provided with a built in CRM on their territory’s webpage with sales funnel. This has helped with the organisation of customer information & establishing a growing base of repeat customers.


Within 3-4 months of opening, James’ Junior Einsteins Science Club locations had exceeded its revenue targets, and had built a strong customer base in the local community. The franchisee credits Junior Einsteins Science Club franchise HQ comprehensive support system with helping him to overcome the challenges of starting a new business in a competitive market.


The Junior Einsteins Science Club franchise system provided James with the tools and support he needed to build a successful business  across four franchised locations. By providing comprehensive training and ongoing support, the franchise helped James to overcome the challenges of starting a new business and building a loyal customer base. Today, James’ Junior Einsteins  locations are the most successful franchises in the Junior Einsteins Science Club system. A Franchise Case Study ; James Murtagh owner of four Junior Einsteins Franchise Territories


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