Become a Junior Einsteins STEM Ambassador

We would love to bring a primary school teacher from your school through our Junior Einsteins Science Club educational programme. We want to inspire a love of science and learning and nurture children’s natural curiosity, creativity & imagination. We provide your teacher with the license, training, scripts, videos, risk assessments, safety statements, Garda Vetting, insurance, lab coats materials & scientific equipment to run a Junior Einsteins weekly after-school science club in your school.

The pay is generous from Junior Einsteins to the STEM ambassador per hourly after – school club and is paid termly to the dedicated person. Junior Einsteins provides the admin & bookings from parents as well as marketing and advertising.

We are looking for someone full of enthusiasm, fun, who loves to learn and is willing to do the intensive Junior Einsteins training programme in a serious and fully committed way.

It is important that the teacher holds the same values as we do here at Junior Einsteins. The traits we look for are ; Integrity. hard worker, A science lover, Disciplined, Fun,  Personable, Enthusiastic Independent & Collaborative.

In Ireland Junior Einsteins Science Club is a Science Foundation Ireland provider and with a Junior Einsteins STEM ambassador you will be eligible for SFI Discovery Primary Science & Maths awards yearly.

We train and support your STEM ambassador to teach sessions covering a wide range of STEM topics such as Forensics, Fossils, Anatomy, Rocket races, bug hunts, exothermic reactions, Slime, Van Der Graaf generators, light the light sabre, volcanos, Bernoulli’s effect, Arctic animal adaptations, Quantum Physics, Microbiology, The Solar System and many many more with 100s of tried and tested themed experiments!

We have recently partnered with Education Centres & The Department of Education to train STEM ambassadors in schools across Ireland.

If you know of a teacher in your school who you think would be ideal as a Junior Einsteins STEM ambassador, please do ask them to contact us.  E mail : *usually we only train teachers in territories where we already have a franchise owner operator, but we can be flexible on this if a teacher is extremely committed

Please contact our providers directly for specifics;

Dublin & Wicklow ( & rest of Ireland enquiries)  ;

Meath & Westmeath, Ireland ; James Murtagh & Phone; 085 7555635

Kildare, Ireland ; Claire Brett  Phone; 0851546188 

Louth, Ireland ; Maureen Hoey.  Phone; 0874288278

Craft Central New Ross Wexford ; Dawn Morley Phone; 085 209 1833